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When you build a new website, you need to upload it to a server in order to make it viewable for Internet audiences. This is called web hosting and the URL address written on top of your browser is the domain that any Internet surfer must write in order to reach your website. Web hosting and domain registration services are very important for any new website that will be launched on the World Wide Web because without these particular services you will not be able to launch your web sites.

As we know, there are hundreds of web applications and software programs that can help you build a website for free; however, when it comes to web hosting and domain registration the situation is completely different because these services cannot be obtained for free. Some large websites offer you free web hosting and domain registration inside their servers but this is not convenient from a business point of view, because it will minimize your chances to appear on search engine results pages. On top of that you won’t be able to place the advertisement you want in your website because the portal will use it for its own advertisement; this is why they offered you web hosting and domain registration at no cost.

Bottom line, if you intend to build a business website then you need to know that the advertisement placed in it and its rank in the search engine results pages are very important factors for the success of your business.

Therefore there are two contributing factors to take into account at this stage. The first factor is that you need to choose a company offering web hosting service in order to upload your website to their server and at the same time you need to find a domain registration company or a company able to register your domain with registration firms so you can have a standard domain name.

Your best solution is to find a company that offers web hosting and domain registration as a package, because this unified approach will save you time and money. In this case, you will be dealing with only one company for both services and getting the best prices on both services. Before you make a decision, please be aware that not all web-hosting companies are the same; look for independent reviews and evaluate their performance, particularly their uptime, technical support and user friendliness. is running the best and the most recent set of servers, the type you would not easily find in other web hosting and domain registration companies. This means that your website will be online all the time, thus increasing the view rate and the click rate. Choosing a domain name is always limited by the availability of the domain and your budget. At we will always help you to find the best and the shortest domain at very affordable prices.

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