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E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular Internet marketing methods used nowadays to promote different products and services through the World Wide Web. Email marketing has an important ethical aspect and should be used carefully or else it would be considered an abuse of Internet etiquette and a kind of unsolicited contact with customers.

The process starts by sending an Email to a contact list of potential or current customers to increase their loyalty to the company and inform them about new services or to urge them to buy a new product. The problem is that sometimes Internet companies will include in their Email marketing contact list the names of people who are not expecting to receive this type of Emails. Nowadays, this type of mail could be redirected through the spam filters and in this case they will be separated from the genuine and authentic Email marketing campaigns.

In general, Email marketing campaigns try to contact those customers who entered their Email addresses willingly and who have accepted to be contacted for new products and updated information. In such cases customers are asked to have their Email addresses confirmed through a double action. This requires that they enter their Email addresses at the website, in which case genuine customers will receive an Email containing a link they should click in order to confirm their subscription.

This double action is very important for building a real contact list that you can use in your Email marketing campaigns. When you have a huge list of this type of Email addresses then you have a solid base for your Email marketing campaigns. If you do not have this contact list then you should try to buy or rent it from someone else; in this case you must make sure that it was collected through a legitimate procedure and that the people included in the list are keen to get information about services and products of a certain category. It is convenient to ask the vendor how they have obtained the names and addresses they offer, and get it in writing. The decision to buy or rent is not an easy one. When you rent you never get to see the Email addresses; although the expense involved is significantly smaller, remember that you will have to pay every time you use it. It is very important to implement strategies for narrowing down your target; this can be a complicated and multifaceted procedure, better left to experienced experts. Whatever procedure you choose, be aware that anti-spam legislation is being enforced in many countries. Do not run the risk of placing your web company at the receiving end of a lawsuit. In spite of all the annoyance it does sometimes generate, Email marketing is often useful for your customers and a successful way of promotion when done properly.

If you are looking for expert help to launch your Email marketing campaign, is your best choice because we have the necessary experience to collect the Email contact list to start your Email marketing campaigns. Contact Contact for a free analysis of your website and learn how you can benefit from Email marketing.

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